How to Make Money on YouTube in 2022 (Top 7 Ways)

How to Make Money on YouTube in 2022 (Top 7 Ways)

YouTube has expanded its definition from a video sharing and watching platform to one of the largest content creation and marketing platforms. In the list of modern professions with profitable prospects, the profession of a YouTuber comes up. Being on YouTube and creating content regularly brings you not only popularity but also a stable income from youtube earnings. The best thing about being present on YouTube is that anyone can be a content creator. However, the journey from being a content creator to a Professional YouTuber takes time.

While you would wish to enter the YouTube platform as a creator, monetization and how to earn money with youtube is something every new entrant is skeptical about. With the platform expanding, there is enough scope to earn profits with relatable content creation. However, to maximize YouTube earnings, you will need the help of marketing and promotional tactics. Today, YouTube marketing is a major channel, and brands are looking into YouTube as a channel for collaboration and revenue generation. However, the scale of your collaborations and earnings will depend on the influence you have in the space.

The YouTube space is full of influencers with a subscriber base at many scales. While it is easy to start your channel on YouTube with simple video editing software, you have to understand how to earn money from youtube. Luckily, the different social media channels are integrating to create a network for brand promotions and information sharing. A YouTuber can easily use the larger social media network for promotions and money-making.

In this article, we explore the seven major ways how to earn money from youtube. The article talks about maximizing influence and client base for better financial prospects. The tactics discussed below are ways that have helped people become professional YouTubers who earn regularly. After reading this, you will have an understanding of how to earn money by youtube marketing and promotions.

Ways to make money on YouTube

There are nearly 2.3 billion users of YouTube worldwide, and this user base is expanding every day. When you enter the space as a YouTuber, you are actually targeting a user base as wide as billions. There is no fixed way how to make money from youtube. This in itself is an advantage as it gives you a market to experiment in. A content creator creating videos in India might have subscribers in the USA, UK, or even South Africa. The global scale of the YouTube user base provides a virtual market for content marketing. The targeting of a wide user base is the start of how to earn money on youtube.

Five hundred hours of video content are uploaded every day on YouTube. With such statistics, YouTube is a well for earnings if used properly. The competition among content creators is intense on the platform. While this provides people with high-quality, customized content to watch, it also pushes YouTubers to implement new content creation and marketing strategies.

Below are a few ways that help a  YouTuber make money on Youtube by posting on the platform.

Affiliate marketing through YouTube monetization

Affiliate marketing is a popular model of business on YouTube and other social media platforms. It is a very common way through which influencers on YouTube earn. The good thing about affiliate marketing remains in the model used by influencers of any scale. Once you have an established user base, you can start affiliate marketing. You can learn affiliate marketing once you know how to make money from youtube.

Affiliate marketing not only helps YouTubers earn but also increases their subscribers base. This is because many people look for product recommendations and reviews on YouTube. Moreover, sometimes, loyal users of a certain brand also choose to follow a YouTuber after watching brand collaboration videos. These users may be searching for affiliate links to a particular brand and subscribers to your channel for it.

Affiliate links are links from brands that YouTubers promote by adding these to their video descriptions. Once a viewer clicks on the affiliate link and buys a product through this link, the affiliate YouTuber earns a portion of the profits. This way, YouTubers can make a lot of money from even a single video. However, these videos need to be related to the affiliate links promoted. Moreover, the YouTuber must also focus on creating trustworthy videos. The affiliate link turnover will be very less for gimmicky, overly promotional videos.

From product recommendation videos to tutorials, there’s a lot of room to include affiliate links for products and services. There are many affiliate programs to join from which you can choose the product category you want to promote. The best way to maximize affiliate marketing is to start a blog in addition to a YouTube channel. This way, you can link the two and generate double the traffic to your affiliate platform.  

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Join the YouTube Partner program

The majority of the revenue for most content creators on YouTube comes from ads that run during their videos. As a YouTuber, you can also earn from playing ads before or during your video. For this, you have to join the YouTube Partner Program. By becoming a YouTube Partner, you give the platform permission to run ads before, after, or during your videos. By allowing this, you can choose the type of ad placements you are comfortable with. Once you have chosen for ad placements, YouTube plays ads in your video.

When someone sees or clicks on these ads, the advertisement charge from the brand is split between YouTube and the creator. The more views you get on your videos, the more revenue is generated from ad placements. You can also earn from Channel memberships and Adsense Banner ads. Since many brands are into YouTube advertisements for marketing purposes, the YouTube Partner model helps creators earn regularly. The YouTube Partner Program is also how youtube makes money through mutually beneficial tactics. By choosing to be in the YPP, you let youtube make money for you.

However, a YouTube creator needs to have at least 4000 video watch hours over the last 12 months and a stable subscriber base of 1000 users. There is flexibility in getting those 4000 video watch hours on your videos. There is no upper limit on the need of how many subscribers on youtube to get money. However, you do need at least 1k subscribers to make money from youtube.

As a YouTube creator, you need to tap into different revenue streams to make money on youtube. Ads are only a chunk of the revenue a creator can generate with his channel. YouTube is introducing new features that YouTubers can use to make money with youtube. For example, YouTube live streaming and Super Chat can be revenue generation channels.

The new YouTube Premium feature of Super stickers is also a revenue source for creators. However, these revenue sources are only tapped when you have a strong subscriber base that religiously watches your videos. The YouTube Partner Program really helps established YouTubers in earning a lot of money every day.

Generate funding from your fans

Persuading your fans and subscribers to crowdfund your channel can also help you earn money. When you have an established and loyal viewer base that enjoys watching your videos, crowdfunding is an option. There are many crowdfunding platforms that help YouTubers in this area. Crowdfunding with Patreon is a legitimate way of earning money and securing resources for future content creation. Crowdfunding platforms can be a great asset in applying techniques under the how to make money in the youtube approach.

You can also offer exclusive rewards for every dollar they put in for funding. This will help get more funding and keep the users interested in your channel. From recurring to one-time donations, crowdfunding platforms are allowing various models of subscription and support. Both profit and nonprofit channels are tapping into fan funding for revenue.

To create stable channels of fan funding, the creator has to hear his subscribers out and cater to them in a better way. The content the YouTuber creates has to be always interesting and high performing. When the viewers feel like they are watching entertaining and useful content, they will readily fund your channel. Before starting crowdfunding, always study the demographic of your channel for a better strategy.

Use SEO on your YouTube channel

SEO or search engine optimization is a necessary part of web marketing. Search engines are crucial for searches and navigating the web. Since everyone on desktop and mobile phones uses search engines, SEO marketing builds the visibility of web pages and brands. These search results also include YouTube videos. SEO marketing is a good way to make YouTube videos trending and viral.

The proper use of keywords and descriptions helps in increasing the impact of YouTube videos. YouTube SEO helps both large influencers and new entrants. New entrants use YouTube SEO more because they have to build a strong user base and watch time records. The use of SEO techniques in the Meta description and titles of the videos helps improve ranking and visibility.

The use of proper YouTube SEO techniques needs some SEO knowledge and keyword research for the video. Sometimes, you can also hire a good digital marketing team to carry out proper SEO marketing for YouTube videos. You can also read reports on what the users are searching for to find your videos.

This will help you in reaching out to the right audience segment. Moreover, you can also do keyword research in the genre of videos you are making. This gives you a broader idea of what viewers search for to see the genre on YouTube. SEO-relevant videos like tutorials, how-to, DIY, and funny videos are a safe space if you want to maximize the marketing impact.

The few marketing factors to consider during YouTube SEO are-

  • Increase in subscribers after the release of a video
  • The number of comments and their type
  • Like/Dislike ratio
  • Click-through rate
  • Video run length

The basic SEO technique is optimizing the video length for users. For example, these days, people prefer watching videos that are short and quirky. The user should focus on cutting down the length. Increasing the quality of the video works better. The YouTuber has to keep in mind that SEO is a technique that provides guaranteed results but takes time to work on the revenue front. Therefore, you need highly targeted services and patience when doing YouTube SEO.

Explore the potential of the YouTube Marketing funnel

The users you have are real people who are searching for real products and services. By studying your user base and marketing niche products to them based on their needs, you transform your YouTube channel into a sales platform too. You can connect your YouTube platform with a blog or an eCommerce platform through which sales can go through. Many YouTubers have marketed their own merchandise to their loyal users by using this method.

Collaborate with Amazon

The Amazon Influencer program is a good marketing program that can be combined with YouTube videos. As a budding YouTuber, you can use your videos to make Amazon recommendations. This helps you make money through Amazon product sales. On the other hand, when people find out that you are giving genuine Amazon product recommendations, your subscriber base will increase. This program is also like an affiliate program. The YouTuber will get 8 to 10 percent of the profits from the link-aided sales. A YouTuber can also create and sell his own merch on Amazon. As Amazon is a large eCommerce platform, it is a good marketing platform to enter.

Use YouTube Red feature for extra revenue

The YouTube Red model is made for a premium video watching experience without ads. The subscription charges for YouTube Red also give a revenue channel to creators. However, the view time for such videos matters a lot. Therefore, it is always better to choose YouTube Red when you are sure of the subscriber base you have and the viewers you get on every video. Popular video makers and influencers can use YouTube Red for better revenue.

What is the money-making potential of YouTube?

With the use of the above tactics, a YouTuber can make a lot of money. Since money-making is linked with marketing, the majority of it comes from affiliate commissions, ad percentages, and conversions. For example, YouTubers take 55 percent of the ad earnings with ad placements as per policy. Sponsored product placements in your video create more revenue as compared with generic ads. If any of your videos shoots up as trending, then the money-making potential multiplies.

How much money do YouTube influencers make?

Content creators on YouTube can make up to thousands and millions of dollars per year. It all depends on their popularity and video relevance. Depending on the video genre, the earnings also fluctuate. For example, beauty blogging and lifestyle vlogging are popular today. Similarly, news videos and celebrity facts get high view time consistently. It all depends on the genre you choose. While YouTubers get paid for the watch time and views, famous YouTubers are now able to earn on a pay-per-subscriber basis from YouTube. The money-making channels for YouTube are increasing.

What makes a YouTube channel successful?

Let us look into the way to make an appealing YouTube channel for continued success.

Channel Art

Channel Art is the topmost banner of the channel that attracts the attention of the viewer. It can act as a CTA  reference and generate more interest in your videos. The channel art should be something fun with a clear message conveyed. You can include your other contact points like Instagram and email ID on the art.

Profile picture

A good and clear profile picture with a presentable face is a must for connecting with visitors. The visitors should be able to put a face on the channel.

Channel name

Your channel name is very necessary for establishing an identity on the platform. Keep a channel name that identifies with your genre and conveys your personality and purpose. Create a channel name that is easy to relate to and search.

Channel trailer CTA description

The channel description can leave a lasting impact on your leads and viewers. Make sure you provide a powerful but clear description with CTA so that viewers remain connected with your brand. Moreover, you can edit the description from time to time to include the newest links for promotional purposes.

FAQ on YouTube earnings and marketing

Is money-making a challenge on YouTube?

It depends on where you stand on your influencer journey. A new entrant into the creator space will face some challenges initially. However, once you have established a subscriber base and see growth in numbers, you can surely see profits through monetization. Building the first few steps of the subscriber pyramid will be challenging.

A creator has to constantly evolve in terms of the content he creates. This is because your revenue and marketing all depend on the videos you make. Content research and fresh ideas may be challenging at times. Like every other profession, being a YouTuber also comes with its own challenges. However, with digitization, strategy, and tools, revenue can be maximized easily.

How many subscribers do you need to start earning on YouTube?

You need at least a stable subscriber base of 1000 viewers before starting monetization. However, there is no upper cap on the subscribers of your channel. The more subscribers you have, the better.

Why are my videos not making money?

Not every video meets the quality standards of YouTube. The audience has become very picky because there is so much content out there. The video may be lengthy, boring, or irrelevant to the customers you are targeting. You need to study your audience segment and brainstorm content ideas.

That’s the end of this blog.

Making money is not easy on the YouTube platform because of the presence of numerous competitors. However, a combination of marketing techniques and revenue channels does help you make money on YouTube. Apart from investing in YouTube SEO, the advice is to also go for blog creation and link it with the YouTube channel. This way, your traffic and impact double, which in turn multiplies your revenue.

You can start a blogging page on Bluehost in line with the YouTube channel. The steps of starting a blog on Bluehost are as follows-

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These money-making tips will tell you how to monetize youtube channels and use them as an income source. From affiliate marketing to blog marketing, there are many ways to earn through a single YouTube channel. The answer to how to get money from youtube has many pointers and strategies that let you choose the right one for your needs.

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